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Dory (voiced by Ellen Degeneres) i Finding Dory, Screencap via Disney

Dory – Finding Dory

Why She’s Awesome: After thirteen years, our very favorite blue tang came back to the big screen this year! Dory won our hearts back in 2003 when she appeared in Finding Nemo, and now with her own movie there’s even more about her to love! One of her major characteristics is that she’s forgetful. Her experiences with short term memory loss are certainly a big source of comedy, but they are also a big part of what she struggles with in Finding Dory.

Despite her setbacks, Dory has the most sunny disposition of any fictional fish I’ve ever seen! In the first movie, for no reason other than to help, she teams up with Marlin and never gives up hope that they will find his son Nemo. In the most recent installment of Dory’s story, she suddenly remembers her own parents and goes in search of them, intent on stopping at nothing until she finds them. With her optimism, determination, and friendly attitude, Dory is a fish we can all look up to.

What You’ll Need: Obviously, Dory is not the shape of a human, so there will have to be some creative license here. To start with, find a blue dress that you feel comfortable destroying a bit. Then, buy some large blue and/or silver sequins and hot-glue or sew them onto the dress in various places, to give the appearance of scales. Dory’s tail and fins are yellow, so get ahold of some flow-y yellow fabric. Cut out pieces to attach to your forearms, for fins, and hot glue a piece on the inside of the back of your dress. Now, have fun with the makeup! An expanse of blue eye shadow will be perfectly employed here, as well as some gold or yellow glitter. Or go full face paint if that’s what you’re feeling!

Next Level Move: Add the tag!  In Finding Dory, Dory spends most of the movie holding on to her orange tag identifying her to be sent off to a Cleveland aquarium.  It can be very easily made from orange construction paper!  Make sure you get the number right, and if you see anyone dressed as Hank the Septopus, be sure to hand it off to them!