21 K-Pop Groups to Know (and Love)

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14. Miss A

Miss A, also stylized as “miss A,” heads right back for the sexier, midriff-baring image many girl groups have adopted, as you can see in the above video for “Hush.” As an aside, we covet all of those boots. It debuted in 2010 for JYP Entertainment.

However, though the group started out with four members, it currently has just three. Jia left earlier this year, since her contract expired.

One notable thing about Miss A centers in its promotions: the group made a debut in China not long after its debut in Korea. (Both Jia and Fei, another member who’s still in the group, are Chinese.) That includes releasing Chinese versions of songs like “Only You“.

Recently, Fei also released her first solo single, “Fantasy“, accompanied by a music video rated 19+. In other words, it’s pretty sexy, even more so than previous efforts from the group as a whole.

More songs from Miss A include “Bad Girl, Good Girl“, their introductory song, which encapsulates their general R&B-influenced sound quite well; “Only You“, one of their more recent group songs; and “I Don’t Need a Man“, which is a bit lighter than other tracks they’ve put forward, but still emphasizes independence.