21 K-Pop Groups to Know (and Love)

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15. Apink

Apink also has its name written as “A pink,” and that’s exactly how you pronounce it. This group hit the scene in 2011 for Plan A Entertainment. In its first year, it also won plenty of best new artist awards.

Currently, the group runs with six members. A seventh left the group in 2013 to focus on her studies.

Generally speaking, the choreography of this group doesn’t head for sexy so much, and their music reflects that. As the video description for the above song, “Only One,” suggests, this track actually represents a change and a maturation from a more bubblegum-oriented sound in earlier tracks. The song’s also the lead single for the group’s third studio album, Pink Revolution, which was released last month.

Billboard has noted that Apink tends toward a softer image overall, noting the look’s roots in earlier groups. (The article also provides a helpful look into earlier K-pop groups of the 1990’s.) However, despite this stark difference from other girl groups, Apink has enjoyed success, including tour dates in North America.

Other songs to check out from this group include “Remember“, a beachy track; “NoNoNo“, another light and airy piece of pop; and “Hush“, which is ridiculously catchy. Check out those high heels the members all sport in “Hush”, and yet they still pull off plenty of moves.