21 K-Pop Groups to Know (and Love)

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13. Seventeen

Time for a seriously young group. No, really, Seventeen actually debuted last year under Pledis Entertainment. However, this group of 13 (!) guys has made some big waves already. According to Billboard, they’re currently the largest group active in Korea, and their first album, First Love & Letter, dropped earlier this year along with a repackaged edition. They’ve also already crossed the ocean and performed in the U.S. including an appearance at KCON.

Time for another explanation: “Very Nice”, the above track, actually comes from the album’s repackage, which is just another way to describe a reissue. Re-releasing albums with additional tracks soon after the album drops can boost sales, add more promotions for the group, and thus keep the conversation going for a longer period time. Sometimes, repackages will have a different name as well.

Anyways, as Billboard also notes, Seventeen has a surprising amount of involvement in producing its music. On First Love & Letter, for example, members wrote or co-wrote each track, and composed or co-composed nearly all of the songs as well.

This may be cause for concern, but Seventeen has turned out some seriously good dance tracks. (We dare you to resist at least bouncing along to “Very Nice”.) Keep an eye on these guys as they go forward.

Check out “Pretty U“, also from First Love & Letter; “MANSAE“, from the second mini album; and “Adore U“, off their first mini album from 2015.