9 Reasons You Should Be Reading Marvel’s MOCKINGBIRD

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The Mockingbird/Hawkeye Marriage Counseling Flashbacks

When Mockingbird attempts to find and save Hawkeye in issue four, she sarcastically asks one of the science-terrorists, “I’m just looking for someone. Kind of tall? Mouthy? Great abs…emotionally stunted?” Hawkeye seems like Mockingbird’s perfect match in so many ways: equally blonde, sexy, smart, and sarcastic.

Yet despite the chemistry between them, their marriage ended. Some of the flashbacks to their relationship are a hilarious blend of real-life couple issues and #superheroproblems. When Hawkeye questions why the neurotoxin that felled the terrorists didn’t work on them, Bobbi finally admits that she exposed him to low doses of it during their marriage. “…it was only to inoculate you,” she says, then follows it up with, “And because I didn’t want to use it myself until I knew it worked.” Flash to a scene of the two sitting in armchairs at a marriage therapist’s office, with Clint saying, “Sometimes I feel like she’s studying me. Like I’m just some kind of research subject, instead of her husband.” Bobbi responds, “Don’t be ridiculous,” to which Clint adds, “My tongue feels funny.”

I’d read a whole issue of this scenes-from-a-spy-marriage setup, especially when the two people involved are as quick-witted as Bobbi and Clint.