9 Reasons You Should Be Reading Marvel’s MOCKINGBIRD

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The Paper Dolls

Starting at the back of issue two, Mockingbird features paper dolls of Bobbi Morse and friends, along with accessories to cut out and enjoy for readers, or “anyone who has ever felt dismissed, undervalued, unheard, lightweight, thinly sketched—for anyone who has ever felt two-dimensional or too blond…”

Along with various fun outfits you can put on your Mockingbird paper doll, from Bobbi’s dungeon club fishnet and knee-high boots to aqua gear, there are many tiny cut-outs of things like zombie heads and bubble bath that you can use to accessorize the superhero—and which sometimes provide clues to the evolving mysteries of the comic. A knife, a Corgi, a vial of blood, boxers for Hawkeye—all are yours for the snipping and rearranging.

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These aren’t the paper doll items you may have cut out as a child, but they’re hell of a lot more fun to play with, or to just enjoy on the page as another way Mockingbird is distinguished for its inventiveness and unabashed fun. I personally plan to put Bobbi’s fishnets on Hawkeye, and then make him hold a bottle of pink bubble bath and a severed, rotting zombie hand, but that’s just me. You do you.