30 Characters Showcasing Positive LGBT Representation on TV Right Now

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1. Wynonna Earp- Nicole Haught

Officer. Nicole. Haught. Need I say more? Not only is Haught the other half of the “WayHaught” ship, she is a confident, sexy, strong, badass lesbian.

Portrayed by the lovely Katherine Barrell, this character has earned her way to #1, and showrunner Emily Andras, is all to blame. The Canadian TV writer proved her worth with the cherished Lost Girl, a show known for its positive treatment of queer females. Now introducing the world to Wynonna Earp, fans were hoping this show would be similar. The first season proved that.

Andras gets it. She understands the need for this on television, and she knows the actors have the most important role.

"“I did talk to (them) a lot about the passionate LGBT community and how important it is that they see themselves represented on television as people, not as tropes. And the one thing I talk about a lot is I really want to make the relationship about the relationship. Not every lesbian or gay or whatever relationship is the same in the same way not every straight relationship is the same. That’s one thing I really learned from Lost Girl. Conflict should come from whom the characters are, not the fact that they’re gay or straight or other.”"

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The LGBT community is praising her for that. And just in case anyone had doubts, both Haught and Waverly took bullets during season 1, and lived to talk about it. Andras, along with the characters she’s created, is sending demons and tropes, of all kinds, back to Hell, where they belong.