30 Characters Showcasing Positive LGBT Representation on TV Right Now

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5. The Fosters- Lena Adams Foster

Lena Foster, the delicate, poised, emotional schoolteacher is perfectly paired with Stef. Together, they create a story so honest that you feel mesmerized by their family. She is a lesbian POC, earning her a high ranking on this list.

Much of The Fosters magic is due to the producers and writers. Bradley Bredeweg and Peter Paige, who produce The Fosters, realize the role they play in this industry. They know how potent, toxic, or healing a story can be. So they know what lies ahead. Paige notes:

"“I still very much believe that entertainment, in this day and age and in this culture and probably in every culture, is a profound tool to talk to people. I think television, in particular, is really powerful, because it has this ability to get into people’s homes, where their defenses are down, to week after week reaffirm the humanity of people you might not initially think you identify with. I think it’s been a huge part of the LGBT movement. Huge, huge, huge! There’s still a lot to do.”"

Paige knows how important this movement is, but he knows the future won’t be easy. This will take time, and he’s ready to help get there.