The Official 2016 Second Presidential Debate Drinking Game

Sometimes the only way to get through presidential debates is to make a game out of it. Here are our things to look out for during the second debate.

We have just two more presidential debates to get through this year. Depending on whom you ask, this is either great because the election will be over soon or terrible because the entertainment will thus stop.

We here at Culturess choose to think of it as both, but we’ll settle on “great” for tonight’s debate, which will start at 9 p.m. Eastern. Unlike the first debate, this one will take the form of a town hall meeting. Undecided voters will ask half of the questions.

Below, we’ve put together some things to keep an eye on. Prepare the libation of your choice, pick one or more of the rules to follow, and get ready.

Take a drink every time:
  • Either candidate thanks a voter for their question or says that it’s a good question.
  • Donald Trump talks about something completely unrelated to the actual question.
  • Hillary Clinton brings up a story about someone she knows or met on the campaign trail in response.
  • Trump mentions Clinton’s emails or Benghazi.
  • Clinton mentions Trump’s tax returns.
  • For hard mode, drink every time Trump interrupts Clinton or vice versa. (Maybe just take sips for this one if you want to survive.)
  • Trump says “big league,” “wrong,” “China,” or “tremendous.”
    • Finish your drink if you hear it as “bigly” as opposed to “big league.”
  • Any time either candidate makes a silly facial expression.
The bonus round:
  • Finish your drink if Trump tries to make fun of Clinton for being prepared again. Then pour another, because you know she’ll probably want a drink of her own at that point.
  • Toast moderators Martha Raddatz and Anderson Cooper if they have trouble corralling the candidates. Finish your drink if it actually works.
  • Do a Hillary Shimmy and a shot if she pulls out another story about someone directly affected by Trump’s long history of sexist behavior, similar to Alicia Machado’s.
  • If Trump starts defending his tax records or charitable donations, pour another drink out for journalists like those at the New York Times and the Washington Post who are on the trail of both items.
  • In light of this morning’s scoop by CNNMoney, you may just want to have shots and several beverages prepared for the first question, which will be about the 2005 tape of Donald Trump describing in explicit terms what he can supposedly do to women because he’s a star, including grabbing them intimately.
    • No, seriously. Prepare your livers.

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