Yellowcard’s New Album ‘Yellowcard’ Reviewed and Ranked

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2: Track 8, “I’m A Wrecking Ball”, 3:57

This ain’t Miley Cyrus’ wrecking ball, ya’ll.

“I’m A Wrecking Ball” is a track that was written and recorded as a demo back in 2008. It’s a much different sound than the rest of Yellowcard, but it’s gorgeous. It’s folky, including beautiful harmonization and breathy, natural vocals.

The instruments have been turned down a little, so that the vocals and acoustic guitar can shine.

"In this house red curtains dim the day In this hall black and white pictures hang In this room friends come to drink their wine In my head I tend to spend my time, yeah I’m a wrecking ball, a liar I’m a lover with no fire I’m a loner but I’m tired I’m a wrecking ball, yeah"

Ryan Key’s vocalizations match the mood and theme of the song perfectly. It’s the voice of a tired man, of someone who’s given up and admitting that he’s failed, and is stuck in his own head, letting life pass him by.

In conclusion, it’s a wrecking ball straight to my heart, but I love it like a masochist and will gladly allow this wrecking ball to wreak havoc on my chest cavity.