The Women of Wonder Woman

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Rachel Kimsey

Rachel Kimsey is an actress with a pretty diverse resume. She had a few minor TV and movie roles before being cast as Mackenzie Browning on The Young & the Restless in 2005. After leaving Y&R, she landed on another daytime soap opera, playing Meredith Hudson on Days of Our Lives. Within the past few years, she’s been earning praise for her work in voice acting, particularly in video games like Call of Duty: Black Ops III in which she provides the voice for Rachel Kane. And now she’s the latest actress to become the voice of Wonder Woman in the new animated series Justice League Action.

What was originally intended to be another Batman show quickly spread into a series that will include over 150 DC Comics characters. Each 11-minute episode focuses on at least 3 characters at a time, with Wonder Woman, Batman, and Superman appearing in most of the episodes. Popular villains like Zod, Steppenwolf, and Darkseid will also be featured. Joining Kimsey in the voice roles are Lacey Chabert, Mark Hamill, Carl Reiner, and Tara Strong.

Aside from her work as an actor, Rachel Kimsey is also an acting coach and a fitness trainer. According to her fitness website, Kimsey is a yoga instructor, Crossfit coach, and kettlebell specialist. Her interest in fitness came about after a motorcycle accident shattered her leg. “ 4 years, 3 surgeries and a whole lot of physical therapy later, I learned how to walk again, regrew the muscles of my leg and developed a whole new appreciation for how important it is to move,” she wrote.

Ever wanted to work out with Wonder Woman? There’s your chance.