Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Season 3: Catching Up On The Cast

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Moniece & Fizz

Fizz is a hip-hop artist best known from his work with the group B2K. Moniece and Fizz are not a couple, but were at one point in time. They are linked onto the show by association with each other. They have a son together that Fizz was raising on his own during season one of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood. Moniece was trying to work on her own music career and had limited engagement with her child. This became a sore subject when brought up by other cast members.

Moniece was still facing the same issues throughout season two, but had added a love interest in Rich Dollaz. The relationship did not last because Moniece confessed that she was still in love with Fizz towards the end of the season. This also stirred up problems for Fizz, who was dating Nikki.

Moniece and Fizz started of season three as roommates, but Fizz had not explained the situation to Nikki. Moniece took it upon herself to tell Nikki about their living arrangements, which led Nikki to end things with Fizz. Oh! Did I mention that Moniece also told Nikki Baby that she didn’t exactly want Fizz, but did want “a vial of his sperm” so she could have another baby with him…

At least Moniece seems to be mending her relationship with her child, but I’m not all that sure that she is ready for another baby…