53 British Gentleman Who We Can’t Help But Fall In Love With

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BEIJING, CHINA – NOVEMBER 12: (CHINA OUT) Actor Daniel Craig attends ‘Spectre’ premiere at The Place on November 12, 2015 in Beijing, China. (Photo by VCG/VCG via Getty Images)

12. Daniel Craig

If you saw Casino Royale, you know the exact moment the world fell in love with Daniel Craig. He had on the tiniest little swim trunks and he emerged out of the sea looking like Poseidon himself. And when he came out of the water dripping wet, an entire theater people understood why Daniel Craig was James Bond.

From them on, he became a sex symbol for the masses. Like every Bond before him, men idolized him (and were secretly a little turned on by him) and girls longed to be the next Bond girl. But Daniel just continued on with his life like being the sexiest man alive meant nothing to him.

And with that, brought on another quality about him that only furthered his appeal; his lack of willingness to being a sex symbol. It seems as if Daniel is completely unimpressed by his status. Like he could be dubbed the ugliest man in the world and he’d be fine with it.

Granted, there are some bad Daniel Craig movies (mainly one where he’s a cowboy fighting aliens with Harrison Ford but that doesn’t change how sexy Daniel really is). We’ll miss you as Bond, Daniel. But whenever we need a hot guy pick me up, we’ll watch you coming out of the water or rocking that three piece suit.