Rowling’s Official Patronus Test is Now Live on Pottermore

The test we’ve all been waiting for since we first got sorted has finally arrived. Fans can now find out their patronuses on Pottermore.

Ever since Pottermore launched, there have been two tests fans have been highly anticipating: Hogwarts House sorting and the patronus. We were able to get our houses right away, but it’s been a slow wait to find what animals best reflect our inner selves. J.K. Rowling has even had time to launch an entirely new sorting in the meanwhile.

The day has finally arrived, as Rowling announced today on Twitter. The questions are timed, so for the most accurate result it’s best to go with your instincts. The questions are somewhat different from the sorting quiz, which asks us to delve deep into our minds. This is purely based on gut reaction. For example, one of the prompts is simply “Blood or Bone?”

Rowling revealed several tidbits about her own patronus, including the fact that it changed. While originally her patronus was a pine marten, it is now a heron. Funnily enough, her original patronus has connections to both the otter (Hermione’s patronus) and weasels (a reference to Ron, perhaps). But it’s nice that Rowling’s soul matches with a bird, as it often feels like she’s guarding over us through Harry.

She shows off her patronus in a tweet:

Though you might have difficulty getting your page to load, it’s well worth the wait. The visual journey that you take through the forest is while answering is gorgeous. Personally, my patronus was that of the domestic Nebelung cat. Though I’m more of a dog person, Minerva McGonagall’s patronus was a cat and I can’t bring myself to snub any similarities with her.

Image via Pottermore

The results seem to vary, being anything from real life creatures like foxes to magical ones like unicorns, so there’s a lot of possibility there. There’s no shortage of animals, and it may turn out that you have the same patronus as one of your favourite characters.

This news is definitely a happy thought for all of us. Check out the patronus test on Pottermore here.