“Harry Potter and The Adjective Noun” Checks in “22 Years Later”

After feeling disappointed with Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, fans made a video that tells the real story of “22 Years Later.”

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child was supposed to be Rowling’s triumphant return to the Potterverse. It was supposed to be the answer to all those hundreds of thousands of fans who wanted to know more about that epilogue, and that tantalizing glimpse of the future “19 years Later.”

On one scale it was. Cursed Child sold millions in 24 hours. The run in London is sold out through the end of 2017. As a piece of live theater, it’s been hailed as an artistic achievement beyond the wildest dreams of most. But then there’s the actual story. It turns out that many fans had very specific ideas of what should happen “19 Years Later,” and whatever those were, they weren’t *this.* The howls of disappointment are still pretty loud over at Tumblr.

Well, one group of fans decided to do something about it. Check out PartTimeHooligan‘s rewrite of what happened “22 Years Later,” in their take: Harry Potter and the Adjective Noun.

This isn’t Part Time Hooligan’s first foray into making videos. They’re known on YouTube and Vimeo for their dark comedy, and Stephanie Twyford Baldwin has been named Best Actress at Fordham’s Campus Movie Fest. Perhaps that’s why this, despite being a bit of a mess, feels like it hits the nail on the head when it comes to the reality of Harry Potter’s life “22 Years later…” Well, at least more than some fans feel that Harry Potter and the Cursed Child did.

The truth is, I don’t think anyone really wanted to know what happened 19 or 22 years later. I still remember in 2007 when Deathly Hallows arrived that reviewers felt the epilogue was a let down. (And that was doubled when the epilogue was then reproduced on screen in 2011.) It’s too bad more people did not, or perhaps they wouldn’t have expanded on it.