50 of Game of Thrones most stunning outfits

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We count down the 50 most stunning and memorable looks over several seasons of Game of Thrones. Which look was your favorite?

Game of Thrones is one of the most lavish and expensive television shows ever attempted, let alone actually produced. Filming in multiple countries simultaneously, the production has spent six years bringing us the rich, immersive medieval fantasy realms known as Westeros and Essos for ten weeks a year.

One of the major facets of that world is the costuming. From the brocades to the armor, to the leathers and accessories, one of the major components in bringing this world to life is in the clothing. Designer Michele Clapton built this world’s trends and styles brick by brick. Every corner of both Westeros and Essos has a distinct design aesthetic that contributed to the overall feel of each region. Then she left it in the capable hands of April Ferry for Season 6. But Clapton couldn’t fully stay away, and returned to do four outfits for the supersized finale this past June.

But which of these outfits are the most memorable and spectacular? We’ve dug back over six years, and sixty hours, to round up the 50 most stunning outfits over the course of the series so far.

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