“Harry Potter Go” Rumors Are False

Those “Harry Potter Go” rumors over the weekend that a company had gotten the rights to creating such a spin off game are sadly false.

Over the weekend, as Harry Potter news spiraled out of control during the final hours before the book release, a story started traveling up and down our Twitter stream: “Harry Potter Go” was a go!

This seemed almost too good to be true. The petition to Niantic to create a spin off version of the game set in the wizarding world may have gotten 40,000 signatures, but that was barely a couple of weeks ago. Pokemon Go isn’t even a month old. The craze could go belly up tomorrow. No responsible company would commit that fast, would they? And yet here was a website, JTHX News, quoting a nameless Niantic “senior developer” as saying that the company had gotten the right from Rowling (another nearly impossible thing to have happened so quickly, considering how very close to the chest she holds her Potterverse.)

The demand for this title was absolutely insane, so we figured we’d give it a shot. If we’re lucky we might see a launch by early 2017, but it’s hard to tell this early in the project.”


No. Not really.

“JTHX News” isn’t a real media group. In fact, the website is mostly just ads upon ads. The only other “stories” it contains are terribly dumb, fake nonsense trying to fear-monger people into clicks, by claiming an earthquake as happened in Yellowstone park, or worse, race-baiting them into it with a fake and terrible story of a Denny’s waitress assaulted by Muslim men for serving them bacon. Sounds like something Trump would grab onto an claim was a real thing that happened. (To be 100% clear: it didn’t.)

So please, before you post that rumor again, consider the source, and don’t be Donald Trump. There is no Harry Potter Go. Not yet anyway.