Radcliffe Talks Swiss Army Man

The star shares about the physical and intimacy he had with Paul Dano in the film.

Daniel Radcliffe recently sat down with Entertainment Weekly editorial director Jess Cagle in the latest episode of The Jess Cagle Interview about Swiss Army Man. In the movie, the Harry Potter star plays a rather magical talking corpse. Since portraying the famous wizard, Radcliffe has played a wide range of roles. Manny the corpse is probably his strangest yet.

“My very quick pitch is that it’s a buddy comedy/adventure movie in which one of the buddies is dead,” Racliffe told Cagle. so image A Weekend at Bernie’s meets The Hangover, or that’s at least the vibe I got from the red band trailer. but the movie isn’t all about farts as the movie has been portrayed as, there is actually a message to it. “I think it’s a movie about accepting our own weirdness and being kinder to each other. Identifying in someone else is an incredibly powerful thing…even if that guy is dead,” Radcliffe continues. It has a sweet message that we shouldn’t let our shames from love and friendship.

Even with this message, there were walkouts at Sundance showing of it due to the body part jokes. Radcliffe commented about the walkouts. “I was intrigued by the walkout thing. For me, you don’t walk out of a film you don’t like. The only time that I’ve walked out of something was if I was offended by it. And, to me, it’s such an inoffensive movie. There’s some body humor in there but there’s nothing that we haven’t seen a million times in other movies.”

I personally am intrigued to see the film, for the comedy and the message.

Radcliffe and Paul Dano grew very close to the amount of physical interaction in the movie. from the first or second day of filming, the stars realized how close and personal they were going to be. there is even an underwater kissing scene. what I found most interesting about the film and the connection between the stars is, for ninety-nine percent of the filming, Dano was actually dragging or carrying around Dadcliffe. they had a dummy made of Radcliffe, but Dano wanted the real thing. I think that just adds more to not only the message of the movie but the to the movie itself.

You can check out the full video interview over at Entertainment Weekly.  Swiss Army Man is set to release in US theaters June 24.