Fantastic Beasts Figures Coming From Funko Pop This Fall

A leaked list of tentative release dates shows Funko Pop is planning on Wave 1 of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them figures will be coming in September

For the Potterhead collector, the fact that it took Funko Pop years to get around to making sets from the Harry Potter movies was a major oversight. Even now, it’s a little frustrating to see such other fantasy shows, such as Game of Thrones, already on Waves 5 or 6, while we only just got Wave 2 of the Potter series (and our first Michael Gambon version of Dumbledore.)

But for those who worried that the same mistake might also happen to the brand new Potterverse set trilogy, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, fear not. The last few days, the Funko Pop obsessed have been finding leaks to this coming fall’s brand new sets and release dates, and Fantastic Beasts is among them.

According to a reddit post the planned figures and their release dates are as follows:

  • POP Movies: Fantastic Beast – Newt SD 9/18

  • POP Movies: Fantastic Beast – Queenie SD 9/18

  • POP Mov: Fantastic Beast – Niffler SD 9/18

  • POP Mov: Fantastic Beast – Percival SD 9/18

  • POP Mov: Fantastic Beast – Seraphin SD 9/18

  • POP Mov: Fantastic Beast – Tina SD 9/18

A couple of things that immediately pop out to me–even though the leads are billed as a quartet or Newt, Tina, Queenie and Joseph, only the first three of them are listed as slated for release. An oversight? Or, since instead of the only major no-maj character, the list includes the Niffler, the auror Graves and the President of the MACUSA Seraphina (misspelled here are Serapin), are Funko Pop showing their anti-Muggle colors?

Also, the Niffler being created as a Pop suggests that the movie considers it to be a decent sized role, perhaps the leading beast of the piece?

One other bit from reddit as well, for those who need to keep their Pops properly organized:

These all have a street date of 9/18 and came from the leaks from the previous days. These won’t be in the Harry Potter series numbering and will be part of the Pop! Movies numbering.

So Fantastic Beasts will not be mixed in with the other Potter series Wave collections, and will not effect the numbering for those who are collecting only Potter ones–you’ll be able to stick to the original movie series without needing to collect the figure from the new trilogy just fine.