Radcliffe Says He May Get Naked in “Privacy”

Daniel Radcliffe went on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and discussed that he may get naked in his new on stage work “Privacy.”

Daniel Radcliffe is on a promotional binge right now, with Now You See Me 2 in theaters, plus his new stage show on Broadway, where he’ll be trotting the boards as part of a brand new work called Privacy. The show is a concept piece, exploring the concepts of privacy in our era of social media, where people’s lives are increasingly on line.

That “concept piece” part means that the show will change nightly, based on the audience–I don’t know if that means it’s a full interactive piece, or what. But Radcliffe says that makes the rehearsal period “rather terrifying.”

And when Colbert asks if Radcliffe might find himself naked again on stage, as he was in Equus, right after the Potter movies ended, when he was first trying to put distance between himself and that franchise, Radcliffe says it’s a serious possibility.

Meanwhile, on the movie frontier, Radcliffe is also promoting his Sundance film, Swiss Army Man, which was roundly boo’d at the time of showing at the Colorado based film festival, but since then seems to have started garnering good reviews. Part of it, of course is getting used to Radcliffe in his new role as a smelly, farting corpse.

And finally, Colbert can’t help but to ask Radcliffe if he’s going to see the brand new Harry Potter play, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Radcliffe’s answer on that front hasn’t changed: no, he’s not. He admits his curiosity has grown as preview spoilers have leaked, and he might even be interesting in going eventually, but “sitting in an audience which will for the most part, in the near future be *very enthusiastic” Harry Potter fans might not be a relaxing way to see a show” for him.

Can’t say I blame him. Maybe he’ll wait for the movie, like most fans will have to.