Harry Potter and the Cursed Child: International Publication Info

A French translation of the script for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child will be coming out in October.

Very, very soon, we will have our first new Harry Potter story in nine years. At the end of July, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child will debut on the London stage, and the script will be published in book form in English. According to French Harry Potter fansite La Gazette du Sorcier, there’s a French translation on the way from translator Jean-François Ménard. It will be put out by Gallimard, a leading French book publisher.

Unfortunately, French fans will have wait a little longer to read the next chapter in Harry’s adventure. While the English version will be released concurrently with the play, the French version won’t come out until October of this year, closer to the theatrical release of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, the second giant Harry Potter-related event of 2016. La Gazette du Sorcier also reports that there will be an “enhanced version” of the script coming out sometime in 2017. There’s no word on what enhancements might be made.

The good folks over at The Leaky Cauldron have it that the script is also being translated into Italian, and given how popular Harry Potter is, there’s no reason to stop there. Soon enough, all the world will be talking about the adventures of middle-aged Ron Weasley and company in all the languages of the globe.

If international fans don’t want to wait for a translated version to come out, they may be able to get English-language versions ahead of time, particularly if they live in a country where English publishers like WH Smith have a presence. Select book stores should carry the English version when it comes out in late July.