New Hogwarts Banners from Cursed Child Officially Revealed

The official Harry Potter Play Twitter account reveals the brand new look of the four Hogwarts House banners: Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Slytherin and Ravenclaw.

As part of the celebration of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child‘s first preview this week, the Harry Potter Play account released the first picture of the cast on stage. As you can see above, is is of Hogwarts, and the next generation of wizards stand in the Great hall awaiting to be sorted.

When we posted this picture yesterday morning, we noted the four brand new Hogwarts banners and oohed over them. Now the Twitter account has officially revealed a larger close up of all four banners.

As this is from the official account, this does *not* fall under the jurisdiction of our #KeepTheSecrets Spoiler policy.

Up close they’re even cuter than I first thought!

  • The Gryffindor “G” is like the original lion roaring symbol from the books at first glance, just remade as a letter. (And turned in the same direction as the Pottermore version.) But if you look close, the bottom curve of the “G” also looks like a lion’s tail. I can picture it curled up taking a nap, as well as ready to pounce.
  • The Hufflepuff “H” is the most changed from any of the symbols that came before, and I have to admit, I *love* it. It’s the most anthropomorphic of the four because of the eyes on either side of the top of the “H” and the nose in the middle. But it also has a look to it of fierce determination, a badger who will gnaw his way through anything. Finally, the Hufflepuff badger rendered in a way that makes it not feel silly.
  • The Ravenclaw “R” is interesting because, as we book readers know, Ravenclaw’s bird is supposed to be an Eagle, but Christopher Columbus screwed that us in the first movie and it became a Raven throughout the on screen series. The Pottermore version returned to the Eagle, post movies. The on stage version is done that it could be seen as an Eagle or a Raven. This way, no one is disappointed.
  • The Slytherin “S” is striking because of the four, it is the most like one we already have–the Official Pottermore Slytherin symbol–except it’s turned around the right way, like the original symbol from the books was. But then again, I suppose there’s not many ways to go with a Snake and an “S,” is there?

We cannot *wait* for the show to open so that these new symbols will officially enter the Potterverse and be sold as merchandise by Christmas. I’m know I’m looking forwards to sporting my new Hufflepuff symbol proudly!