EXCLUSIVE: Photos of the Cursed Child Carvings Outside the Palace Theater

We have exclusive first photos for the Hogwarts House carvings on display outside the London Palace Theater for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.

The fences around the London Palace Theater have finally come down and fans have, for the first time, been able to get an up close look at the outdoor decorations for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. And there are surprises in store you won’t want to miss!

Last week, the set designer told us on Twitter there would be a special surprise as part of the decor: carvings of the symbols for the four Hogwarts houses. And now a fan has done us the honor of getting close up photos and sending them to us.

Check out the pictures!

As promised the sconces that light up the theater’s portico are based on the four Hogwarts Houses–all of which have dragon’s wings.

It is, of course, cloudy and rainy in London, because of course it is. But this dragon looks to have a bit of a lion’s mane, no? Also The breast plate is hard to make out, but I think it has the “G” for Gryffindor. (You can tell it’s a lion better in the photo above it.)

And I do believe that is based on the design of a badger. The “H” is for Hufflepuff, not Hogwarts, by the way. I’m pretty sure it’s the same one they showed the close up of last week.

Slytherin House’s snake is the most obvious of the group, and photographed really well. The “S” on the shield is for Syltherin.

That leaves this little oddity as Ravenclaw’s Eagle.

And a bonus sculpture! This one I think might just be the Hogwarts Dragon–note that unlike the other four, it doesn’t have a breastplate with a designated letter. Just don’t tickle it when it’s sleeping, and I think we’ll be ok.