Wizarding World Hollywood’s Cuisine is J.K. Rowling Approved

Wizarding World of Harry Potter food and treats flown to Scotland for J.K. Rowling’s approval!

It looks like the great author herself is the chief taste tester for Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Hollywood. According to The Hollywood Reporter, J.K. Rowling had chefs and food samples flown to her in Scotland for an official personal taste test. I guess that’s one way to avoid the crowds and lines at the park!

“The chefs at Universal flew to Scotland and brought the food to her,” says Alan Gilmore, the park’s supervising art director. “She got to see everything. It was a huge effort to get everything exactly right.”

That’s right, every single food item — from entrees and drinks at the park’s restaurant to treats sold at snack bars — made the trip over the pond in sealed containers for her to try out. Shpherd’s pie, fish and chips, the great feast platter, chocolate frogs, every flavor beans…hopefully it was done in more than one overwhelming stomach stretching session. Think of it as fuel for working on the next chapters of the Cormoran Strike novels!

This took place weeks before the park’s April 7th opening so that there was time for the details to be perfected and approved. Rowling also was involved in checking out the attractions, particularly Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey in Hogwarts Castle, the illustration of the ancient art of astronomy in Wiseacres, the wands at Ollivanders, and the interactive spells performable throughout Hogsmeade. She really does make sure that everything is up to her standards.

Gilmore also mentioned that the Universal Studios Hollywood will be the first park to debut Firewhisky, a little something for adult visitors to look forward to. There was no mention though of whether or not Rowling has already tried the alcoholic concoction.