Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Topping Best Seller Lists

Twenty-four hours after the announcement Rowling would publish Harry Potter and the Cursed Child in book form, it tops the four major Best Seller Lists.

When the announcement came yesterday that the script for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child would be published as a book this coming July, we noted that this was due to “massive public demand.” Apparently that was something of an understatement. As of 12noon eastern standard time today, the script, which was made available for pre-order along with the announcement, tops all the best seller lists of the major online retailers.

At Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk, pre-orders for the book have knocked everything back a notch, despite having only been for sale for a single day. The US version retails for $29.99, while on the UK site it is for pre-order for £10.00. Waterstones also has it priced as £10.00, down from £20.00. It top their best seller list as well. And on the Barnes and Noble Top 100, Cursed Child sits at number one, priced at $21.99, down from the $29.99 suggested retail price.

Unfortunately, we don’t have the number to go along with those pre-orders yet, but the fact that the book is topping out across the board suggests when those numbers are reported later on, they will be highly impressive indeed. Those who order from Amazon’s US and UK arms will have the book delivered to their doorsteps, but Barnes and Noble and Waterstones have the advantage of brick and mortar shops, for that all important 12:01am release time on July 31st. Thgose of us who grew up on Potter have fond memories of the Potter release parties book shops would hold. Though Barnes and Noble has not announced plans as of yet, Waterstones, on the other hand, is promising The Guardian this will be the Potter Party To Remember.

Younger booksellers now face, of course, the dubious prospect of their older colleagues rolling out war stories of Harry Potter launches for the next five months. On 31 July, we will put these into the shade.

I believe I speak for Potterheads everywhere when I say we can’t wait.