Adam Sandler Adds Harry Potter To The Hanukkah Song

Adam Sandler updates his yearly Hanukkah song to include the actor who played Harry Potter.

Everyone who loves the Harry Potter novels knows that the series emphasizes Christmas in nearly every novel. Part of that stems from the UK monoculture where Christian holidays such as Christmas and Easter, are far more across the board national holidays that they are in, say, the US.

Ironically, the child actor Warner Brothers cast all those years ago to portray the boy wizard is actually Jewish. (Well, his mother is Jewish. As a fellow Jew, let me tell you, that’s enough for most of us.) Like many 20 something UK urbanites, Radcliffe is non religious, but has been quoted as saying he’s proud to be considered part of the tribe.

And now Sandler has publicly claimed him in the latest iteration of one of the few modern popular Jewish holiday songs. “Harry Potter and his magic wand-ukkah, celebrate Hanukkah.” I’m sure if he did attempt to celebrate Hanukkah at Hogwarts, the Wizarding world wouldn’t think it nearly as odd as those muggles who are into football, or have posters where those featured don’t move.

(PS: if “Hanukkah at Hogwarts” isn’t already a fanfic, someone should get on that. Immediately, if not sooner.)