Perfect Gifts for the Taylor Swift Fan In Your Life

Ever wonder what to get the Taylor Swift fan in your life for Christmases, birthdays, or just because gifts? Look no further, because we’ve got you covered.

If there is one thing that Taylor Swift does better than anybody else, it’s gift-giving. So in her honor, we’ve complied a list of things that every Taylor Swift fan would love to have. (Be sure to click on the photos to see where you can purchase this awesome gifts!)


1. Anything that has to do with Starbucks Lovers. First of all, because it’s visually wonderful, but also because it makes a Swiftie feel like they have an inside joke with their idol.


2. Swift inspired clothing! Nothing says “I’m your number one fan!” like plastering her face and words on your body! (We see how this might sound creepy, but trust us on this one.)

Supporters gonna support Bonus; Sure, Taylor’s face is not on these shorts, but don’t try to convince me that 2007 Taylor wouldn’t have worn these.


3. A Taylor-inspired print! Seriously, some of these are the most gorgeous prints ever. Someone sign me up!

All I want for Christmas are my two front teeth … and these prints. Never too much Starbucks Lovers


4. Embroideries, embroideries, embroideries.

I can’t be the only one who thinks that this would be hilarious in a bathroom.

Give this to a baby. No one is too young to be a Swiftie.


5. A coffee mug. Because, well, why not?

6. Taylor Swift Jewelry. Sing it with me now “Two paper air planes flyin’, flyin’, flyin'”

7. Finally, while you’re wrapping that gift up and ready to send it, don’t forget to include your Taylor Swift card.

Guys. SHAKE it off. Get it? Shake?

So next time a special day comes up, just go scrolling through your bookmarks to this page, a few clicks, and bam, Best Friend of the year. Congratulation, we’re proud of you.

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